Archive | January 16, 2023

Day – 4 parts

It’s interesting how some conversations or talks stay with us for rest of our life! I heard a talk at an event in 2018 and the concept shared in this talk was one such! I thought more about it in coming years and slowly adapted myself to this concept!

Concept is to divide your day into 4 parts. Spend one of that part to do what you love; it can be anything from which you gain energy and spend the other three parts to do all other things where you have to spend energy. It’s the same concept of “fill your own bucket” so you can “fill other’s bucket”.

Identifying the tasks/chores you do on daily basis as energy source/spend will help to maintain our sanity. You won’t mind spending the energy as you are aware of the space to go to draw energy. Most times our sanity gets tested when we look to draw energy from the wrong space! When you give energy, give it whole heartedly not bothering about the beneficiary! This also helps to have less expectation on the energy spend space that puts mind to peace!

It’s all easier said than done but trust me practicing this has given me many benefits over past few years. I don’t snap as much as I used to few years back, I am getting better with respond vs react, I am becoming more mindful and aware of my thoughts, I am able to let go of many things, I am able to practice empathy, I am able to forgive and above all I am able to feel the calmness, peacefulness within inner self. I am able to identify myself with my behavior that reflects the values I believe in! The feeling of helplessness and being trapped in a situation have reduced by far!

Identify your true happy space and go to that space whenever you need energy, rejuvenate and get ready to spend that energy in an unconditional way!

Akka’s update:
Akka is getting busier day by day that means less time to talk to us! We couldn’t talk yesterday and had a warm video call tonight. She is exploring and finding her place in new setup. She is in good company. 18 more days to see her next!
P.S: Her roommate complimented my ribbon pakoda in today’s call and filled my bucket, talk about small joys 😊