Weekend chores

I actually wanted to write about different types of men but I will lose my sleep if I write about it now so using my safety net of a fact post. Weekend facts!!


  • Wake up
  • M’s dental appointment
  • Buy country chicken from local meat store (this is our first time buying this)
  • Lunch preparation (pepper chicken, rasam, rice)
  • Idli/dosa batter preparation
  • Dish washing of three loads of dishes (phew!!!)
  • LHB’s friend came over for play date
  • Make food for them (chicken nuggets, tenders, home made fries)
  • Make Semiya payasam to satiate the post lunch sweet tooth!
  • Watch them over
  • Drop his friend at his home
  • Sewa administrative work
  • Walk
  • Sewa planning call for an upcoming annual event
  • Blog
  • Sleep


  • Wake up
  • Brunch preparation (oats upma with green mixed chutney)
  • Catch up on emails/few online work
  • Stores visit as a family to check on gaming console for LHB (Finally I had to budge as the little one’s birthday is around the corner. As we cannot have a party this year I convinced M to use that money and buy him a console. We visited few stores and then ordered Xbox S with some games included as a bundle)
  • Costco family trip (after ageees). I am so glad, Adi is done with her college application submissions that now she recognizes us at home. Otherwise the poor soul was mostly in her room and only peeped out for food and bio break!
  • Preparation for tomorrow’s lunch dabba (its veg hakka noodles and I prefer to cut/saute the veggies a day before so it takes less time to assemble in the morning)
  • Preparation of green chutney (for Adi as she craved bombay sandwich with cucumbers)
  • Preparation of pesarattu batter
  • Clean kitchen
  • Cub scout monthly meeting
  • Catch up on remaining Sewa administrative work
  • Blog
  • Sleep

I don’t know how I could have made the weekend lighter for me!! Am I stretching myself or is it the same for all women from similar setup? I rest my case!


4 thoughts on “Weekend chores

  1. Ani, I bow down to thee! That’s a lot of stuff you manage to accommodate in your weekend. I have some weekends like these when you actually feel the need to have the Monday off. But on some weekends, especially when there is no social commitment involved, I’m so relaxed that and take it too slow. Hope you have a few such weekends too, do take rest when you can my dear.

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