India Trip – Part 2

Rest of the India trip was spent being at home with parents. Most of my extended family came home for a quick visit and Appa and I did local trips in his two wheeler. We also played chess and rummy almost every day. Amma as always spent most of her time in kitchen cooking all my favorite items. I missed my Alto car in this trip. Hope he/she is safe somewhere!

One evening, visited Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar temple and another day was spent visiting the girls hostel supported by my local volunteering organization. Made few trips to M’s parents home, arranged to clean weeds around the home and cleared out all my things from the home. Otherwise I was mostly home bound. Two weeks sped fast like minutes and before we could blink our eyes it was time for me to return. Omicron started few days before my travel and pre travel protocol was changed to test 24 hours before boarding. It was challenging as I also had a six hour road travel before boarding. Thankfully one of the local lab agreed to test late hours and give results by next day morning. So that was sorted out!

I don’t know if I will ever be able to do a similar trip in this lifetime but this was a dream come true trip for me that I will cherish for rest of my life!

Brihadeeswarar temple through my phone camera lens

These pictures summarize my trip. Ignore the first and last picture as they were taken at US.

Amma’s specials: (in picture order)
Mudakkathan dosa
Aapam/coconut milk with jaggery
Onion uthappam with eggplant gothsu
Adhirasam (I polished off the whole dabba in 2 weeks. One of my relative brought the dough and my chithi (amma’s sister prepared at home).
Vazhaipoo (banana flower) usili
Urundai kuzhambu
Country chicken gravy
Fish varieties
All sorts of greens
Mushroom gravy
Unlimited masala chais
Fresh filter kaapi and many more that I didn’t remember to click!

I returned home with all sorts of masala powders and grocery items!

Adi was roasting me as I told her that in this trip I am going to give rest to my mom and cook for her but as usual Amma served me all my favorites and I sheepishly enjoyed them all 😄

I don’t know if I will ever be able to do a similar trip in this lifetime but this was a dream come true trip that I will cherish for rest of my life!


6 thoughts on “India Trip – Part 2

  1. So awesome, I remember seeing the food and games pic on Insta. So glad that you made this dream trip and I’m sure your parents will cherish this for a long time too.

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