Sharing an incident that flashes on my mind frequently and puts me into perspective when things don’t go so well!

The day before M was about to board flight at India. As usual, Amma was busy packing masala powders, homemade sweets and many more items for us. M visited my parents’ home to finalize the bags. While he was rearranging some of the items and checking bags weight, Amma was sitting in a plastic chair and watching him. I called her at the usual daily call time and she reached out to the phone by taking support from one arm of the chair. That moment the chair’s leg broke and she fell backwards. As she fell, her head hit the tip of the door and she got a long deep cut in her head.

M told me later that blood was gushing out in full pressure; he immediately took a bedsheet nearby and pressed hard on her head to control the blood loss. By that time, his face, shirt and half of the floor was full of blood. He helped her to get up, sit on a chair and put her head down while holding the bed sheet. Then, neighbors came and took her to the hospital. She had stitches and took few months to recover!

Appa was just frozen not knowing what to do! It was heartbreaking to see her with bandage in a video call the next day! We can’t imagine Amma’s state if M did not act quick to save further blood loss! I am indebted to him forever! Just thinking about other possible outcomes of this incident gives me jitters and puts me into perspective!

I can handle anything but family’s sickness or health situation! I have been tested enough in 2022 with Amma’s incident, M’s multiple incidents of oil burn, twisted ankle. These incidents drain all my energy while I continue to function as usual!

Akka Update:
Akka is coming home in 12 days to celebrate her pampered little brother also called as her “legal child’s” first 2-digit birthday! It will be a very short stay! She asked me to make Sambar on the day she is arriving! I have cleared up my calendar for those two days! All I am thinking now is how should I receive her? Should I run and hug her tight or just wait at the kitchen table that will be filled with her favorites? This weekend I missed her a lot! I felt so bored and down! Couldn’t identify why but I felt restless for most part of the day!


14 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. OMG hugs Ani….I know health and well being of loved ones is of utmost importance.
    More hugs on Adi’s updates, you are doing extremely well dear…an inspiration to all of us.
    I don’t think you will be able to control yourself from running towards Adi once she’s back 😀
    Enjoy the time with both the kids.

    (LHB and my daughter are of same age)

  2. God, the incident you described is quite scary and has given goosebumps. Thank God, everything was put in control at the right time. I totally second that health is the most important thing.
    Wow… Adi is coming home… wishing you all lots of fun… Advanced Birthday Wishes to dear LHB, may he have a blast on his birthday

  3. That’s so scary Ani .. glad M was right next to her and she got all the help she needed at that moment. Family health issues are painful to deal with. I’m going through it now and totally understand you. Hugs Ani ❤️

    And yay! I’d go run and hug Adi as well as keep her favorites on the kitchen table 😀

  4. OMG… thank god for small mercies! Such a good thing that M was there to act quickly… so scary what you described.., I’m sure it must have been such a traumatic experience for you 🤗🤗
    So happy you all will see Adi soon… does LHB know or is it a surprise for him ?? I know Blogathon will be over but please do write about it when you get a chance.

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