Remembering FIL-01.19.2022

Today is FIL’s 3rd year anniversary. I made Rava Kesari, Pesarattu and offered to him in the morning. I watered plants in his remembrance!

I have written many posts about him in this space. Today is dedicated to thoughts about him. I read all my posts about him and relived those moments.

I am thankful for this relationship who has made me a better person. He is my lifetime inspiration.

Excerpts from my old posts:

My Car and FIL – I have been actively using my car for the first two years after marriage in Chennai but then life happened and we moved to US. My FIL who doesn’t know how to drive until then, learned to drive just to keep the car under condition. He maintains it all through the year so I can use it during my India visit. He does full service to the car and keeps it ready right before I land at India.

He has a pillow on the driver seat and reminds me every time to use it as we both are short and according to him the pillow will help to have better clarity of the sides. He comes near the driver side when I start the car and gives me instructions every single time, reminds me of all the pits and holes in neighborhood, how to avoid it and how to stay focused while driving.

He would clean the exteriors and keep it ready if he knows I am going to take the car out. He has followed this routine every single day when I was taking the car to work for few months during the short stint at India in 2013. He would remind me duly about fuel refill. He will keep track of the kilometer details.

After they moved to our hometown, my parents started using the car for important occasions and yesterday Amma was saying how he always hand over the car with the fuel tank fully filled.

All this by a man, who has never used the car for his own needs, not even once. He is happy and content with his TVS XL Super for local needs and takes bus or train to travel out of town.

I don’t know much about him as a young father as M barely shares anything but he has been the best father in law that anyone could wish for. He used to give me Rs.100 and bless me on my birthday when I lived with them. He made calls from India to US to wish on my birthday which means a lot to me. A lot! A gentleman who treated me for what I am worth!



12 thoughts on “Remembering FIL-01.19.2022

  1. The bond that you share with him is beautiful Ani, your love and respect for him comes across through your posts. He would looking over all of you with pride.

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